Our Teachers


Brett St. Germain

Guitar, Acting & Improv
Composition/Theory/Songwriting, Voice, Guitar, Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering.

Brett St Germain started the pursuit of “music as career” at the age of 9. As a young teenager he started performing professionally, and studied music theory on the collegiate level. He Has received a Bachelors of Music (Composition) and has written nearly 3,000 works to date. Compositions range to any genre, and excluding Antarctica, his music has been heard on every continent.

Brett St Germain started teaching music in 1990. He believes there are only two ways to become an original voice on this planet, 1. You can be born in a box, never to have human contact, interaction, or experience, then, emerge from the box at an age when your brain is fully developed, and produce Music as you know it to be, or 2. Learn everything you can about every aspect of music (every culture, every genre, technique, etc) and then combine all of that knowledge to one’s creations..

Live performance is the heart of Brett’s career, and he performs 275+ times per year. Brett currently performs solo voice, and backs himself with his 6 String Orchestra. As a composer, Brett has scored 1 Feature Length Film, 7 short films, 5 music videos, and in 2016 had two new works commissioned for public performance.

To the dedicated student, Brett teaches music, both performance and theory, and he is excited to be a part of 4Reelz School of Film, and to help influence and shape young up and coming Artist.

You can learn more and Brett by visiting is sites: www.brettstgermain.com as well as www.thebrownproject.net.


Daniel Calderone

Comic Book Creation, Lego Movie Making, Movie Science

Daniel (Dan) Calderone has been drawing since kindergarten where he skipped-out on class to hide in the library with a learn-to-draw Popeye book, until he got caught. Dan was born in Pennsylvania, although he grew up in Houston, TX and currently resides with his family near Austin, TX. where they are active in the homeschool community.

Dan attends The Art Institute of Austin in pursuit of a BA in Media Arts & Animation with graduation anticipated in December of 2015 at which time he will present his full portfolio. He studies predominantly in 3D environment art but additionally he is advanced in concept art, storytelling, story boards, animation, and digital paint. His work has been represented in two film festivals and has been featured by Professors. When not busy with homework, Dan can be found fighting evil doers from his home base in Hutto, TX along side his team of trusty sidekicks: his wife, three daughters, and super-pets kitty and fish.

Dan can be reached at calderone.dan@gmail.com

My online Generalist Reel can be viewed here at www.dancalderone.com


Justin R. Durban

Music & Film, Post Time, Filmmaking Camp, Lego Movie Making

Justin has written trailer music for the some of Hollywood’s highest grossing films of all time such as James Cameron’s “AVATAR”,  “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix”. He has composed film scores for the “SyFy Channel”“Lifetime Channel”, and Numerous video game titles. He has 20+ feature film scores under his belt along with hundreds of short films from directors and producers around the world.

Along with his talent for writing emotional music for film, he has a strong passion for the visual arts including Directing, Visual FX, Compositing, Editing, Web, Digital Art, & Graphic Design. His music can best be described as “Upliftingly Dark” Cinematic Film Music with Epic Intimacy. He plays by ear but the music ultimately resonates through his heart.

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Kelsey Kimble

Vocal Instructor
Kelsey Kimble uses her vast experience in performing a variety of different genres to entertain and educate others. As a performer, Kelsey enjoys singing jazz music with her husband and local pianist, Austin Kimble. She also writes and performs original rock music with their band, The Kimbles. Trained in classical voice technique from The University of Texas at Austin under the direction of Rose Taylor, Kelsey also enjoys acting in area theater productions. Favorite roles include: Louise/Eve in “Ruthless” (2018, City Theater, Austin), Regina in “Rock of Ages” (2017, Georgetown Palace), Calliope in “Xanadu” (2015, Georgetown Palace). Aside from performing, Kelsey has a passion for educating voice students of all ages and experience levels.

Website for Original Music: meetthekimbles.com


Nicholle Walton-Durban

Actor's Toolbox

Mrs. Durban is a producer and development executive, performing artist, wife, mom, and business entrepreneur. She is CEO of Edgen Films, LLC and COO of Global 3 Media, LLC.

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Angela Bennett

Acting and Improv

Angela Bennett is a member of The ACTORS EQUITY and SAG – AFTRA. She has over 15 years of experience as an actress. Some of her stage performances include Night Mother, Crimes of the Heart, Bee-Luther-Hatchee, The Miracle Worker, In Preparation of Eden, In the Blood and Spell #7. She has won ATAC Awards for her roles in Spell #7 for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama; and for her role in, In the Blood for Lead Actress in a Drama.

Some of her TV credits include Friday Night Lights, ER, Sisters in Spirit 2 and The MC Hammer Story. Some of her film credits include Facade, Between Kings and Queens, Glass of Water, and Road 2 Damascus. She has Improv training from the groundlings in Los Angeles, and years of commercial and film training from teachers in Los Angeles and Texas. Her most recent credits include a Nike national commercial, and a SAG-AFTRA short film called Blind Date Rules. She was also co-writer and co-producer on this film. She is currently enrolled at Austin Community College in the RTF program.


Yasmine Pirouz

Lego Movie Making, Movie Science

At the time of this writing, Yasmine is a 27-year-old comic artist and freelance illustrator who has spent practically her whole life saturated in cartoons and education.

After getting a B.A. in Art and B.S. in Applied Learning and Development from the University of Texas at Austin, she earned her Masters in Illustration from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Since that life-changing experience abroad, she has been self-publishing her epic web comic Torus Link semi-based on this journey, collaborating on children’s books, making short comics, and exhibiting and selling her artwork as a freelancer.

When teaching kids, Yasmine strives to create an environment where everyone can learn, belong, and have fun without barriers— encouraging the celebration of everyone’s story.


Keylan Haynes

Acting and Improv

Keylan Haynes is a actor from Austin, Texas.

He was trained by Paul Russell, Britney Flurry and Rick Roemer at The Actor’s School where he learned techniques like Meisner and Alexander. He has been in several films and has worked as a principal on commercials for ESPN and Whataburger among others.

He is also a graduate from Coldtowne Theater where he learned improv and still performs with his troupe. He believes strong in the quote “Let yourself laugh”.


Mattias Alegro Marasigan

U-Tubers Unite

bio coming soon.


Tika Cook

Lego Movie Making

Tika is a member of SAG-AFTRA with over 15 years of experience in front of the camera. She has worked as an actress on the set of national commercials, print ads, and television shows.

Armed with the necessary experience and knowledge to successfully work her way from the center of the lens to the back; Her zeal to excel has influenced her transition into producing, directing and editing.

Website: TikaCreations.com

Past Instructors

Some of our past teachers have helped tremendously and we could not have done it without them.


Eduardo Antonio Tobias

U-Tubers Unite, Summer Camp Instructor

Eduardo Antonio Tobias is a 25 Year old Chicano Filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. He has worked on several feature films, commercials, and documentary series. In 2011 he received a Best Director award at the Dallas Horror Race for his short film El Güey, and adapted it into a feature film the following year. His experience in Documentaries started with a 2012 series “Its good to have friends” for Southwest Airlines traveling the country. The same year he Produced a Vimeo Staff Pick award winning short documentary about an Austin Junk King. His 2014 Austin Tinkering School PSA gained over 100,000 views and was licensed and sponsored by Dremel. In 2015, he earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Digital Film making and Video Production and now resides in Austin, Texas working in the industry.


Erin Volkman

Summer Camps - Make-Up / SFX / Wardrobe

Erin’s adventure in hair and makeup started at the tender young age of 3, where being the youngest in a house full of older sister, taught her to become clever at getting little hands in to big sisters makeup to create “magic”.

Formal training would begin in 2002, when Erin attended Tony and Guy Hair & Makeup Academy. In 2009, Erin would add SFX Makeup to her bag of tricks, with hands on training from some of Texas’s local SFX Masters, honing skills that include distressed looks, gore, creature work, gunshots and wounds, SyFy and many more. For the last 13 years, Erin has provided hair and makeup needs to all walks of life, from everyday makeup, bridal, to runway and film. Constantly looking for inspiration and knowledge to keep her craft top notch, Erin has worked with children, adolescents, even adults in various training’s for 20 plus years. She has a passion for sharing knowledge and, of course, making “magic”!


Robin Conly

Filmmaking Summer Camps

Robin Conly is a storyteller, a dreamer and an extremely driven woman, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit.’ She is passionate about her work, but also passionate about life, fun, love and laughter. Quick to laugh and often making others do the same, Robin knows not to take herself too seriously. She has successfully written, produced and directed three family films, a genre that she’s honestly eager to move on from. She has bigger stories to tell and much more laughter to produce. Robin currently lives in Los Angeles with her son, Atticus Nations.



Orion West

The Actor's Toolbox

Oryan West is a busy working actor based in Austin, TX who works regularly in lead and supporting roles in independent films, commercials, music videos, and TV. He has recently worked with actors Robert Patrick, Jesse Borrego, Ethan Embry, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Patrick Muldoon, and Dominique Swain. He has done stunt work on the TV show From Dusk Till Dawn, and has worked as a principal on commercials for Verizon, Zales, Cooper Tires, and DELL, among others. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University with a combined degree in Theater & Film, and recently taught acting classes at Alleywood Studios on South Congress.

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Bob Maccarni


Bob Maccarni has been playing guitar for over 45 years. He found his love of music at the age of 7 and has since been involved in almost every style of music. Bob has played with numerous bands over the last 40 years both as a guitar player and vocalist, and has done well over hundreds of studio recording sessions.
His unique style of teaching incorporates all important facets of playing and understanding the instrument, while presenting it in an upbeat and fun way. He especially enjoys working with younger students, as well as, those of all ages. Bob believes that music can be a positive entity in everyone’s life. See Bob play live in and around Austin, TX with his acoustic cover band The Funky Apples.


Dale Johnson

Summer Camps - Make-Up / SFX / Wardrobe

Dale Johnson has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years, first as an actress and now as an award-winning make-up artist, artist development consultant, and industry gate keeper. She knows the good, the bad and the ugly in the business of film and TV. She is often called upon to do special effects make-up involving lacerations, bone breaks, gore, blood, and horror. However, she can also capture the glamour required by her more sophisticated fashion and actor clientele.

She has studied the life of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith. This knowledge is critical to actors who want to capture what it takes to establish a persona in the industry.

She is an incredible ally to filmmakers and producers and is highly regarded and respected in the industry for her value. That’s not all, she sings too!

She is an amazing person and has a solid work ethic, a vision and a dream to bring out the best in all of the productions she is attached too.

Her clients rave about her dedication and professionalism. She has done work for Anaik Films with owner Maurice Moore on “Collisions”, “Founding Father” and “Empath”. She has also worked with Director/Producer Mark Baird at Clear Lake Christian Media Project, Saltire Productions, LLC owner Mark Docherty, and writer James Longmore “Mr. Chucklebones” and “First Impressions”.

For more information, visit: www.TDJohnson.com


Kerry Valderrama

Filmmaking Summer Camps

Kerry Valderrama is a former airborne infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division and served as a team leader in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. He received a B.A. from Methodist University in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. While attending the University of Texas at San Antonio for his Masters degree in International Relations, Kerry withdrew halfway through the program to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Since working in the entertainment industry, Kerry has directed, produced and written two award-winning feature films, numerous commercials, music videos, created a comic book series (distributed through Diamond Comics), as well as an award-winning screenplay “Memories of a Hundred” that among other credits, became a 2010 Nicholls Semi-Finalist. Kerry’s first feature, titled “Garrison,” was released nationwide through Phase 4 Films (Wal- Mart, Netflix, Blockbuster, Best Buy) and distributed to over 20 countries around the world. ”Sanitarium” (Starring Malcolm McDowell, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Englund, and Lacey Chabert) is his second feature film distributed nationwide through Image Entertainment and is currently available on DVD & VOD. “Sanitarium” was also distributed internationally to over 30 countries worldwide and is currently being developed into a network television series.

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2415923/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1


Andrea Silvas

Lego Stop Motion, Comic Book Creation, Movie Science

bio coming soon!