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Teen Filmmaking

In this 2 Week Camp Series Students will learn the art of film making. The class will work together to write a short script, break it down, cast, schedule, film it, and edit it all together. Students will work with Industry professionals and be assigned specific roles/departments.  Final projects will be available for screening via the 4Reelz School of Film YouTube Channel.

Teens Ages 12-17



Students will spend this 1 Week Camp Series filming run-and-gun style, capturing the events, activities, and people around them. Once the footage has been captured, students will work together to edit and deliver the footage in an exciting show format that excites and captivates their audience. Any up and coming Youtuber will love this crash course in content creation! Final projects will be available for screening via the 4Reelz School of Film YouTube Channel.

Kids/Teens Ages 9-14

Lego Movie Making

In this 1 Week Camp Series kids work in pairs to create a short story, draw it out, and build it with LEGOS, and then they bring it to life on film. Each session students will choose a their own THEME from MINECRAFT to SUPERHEROES (and more) and using those LEGO kits, create their very own movie, complete with sound effects & even music. A copy of all projects will be provided via a screening link from the 4Reelz YouTube page for screening purposes.

Kids Ages 6-12

Makeup & Costume Design


From Fairies, Beast, to Zombies, these Camps have it all! In these 1 week THEMED hands-on classes, Students will create or recreate their favorite Character from that session’s theme. They will design a costume and makeup, and then use pieces from their own wardrobe, combined with our Costume Closet and Beauty Box to bring their vision to life. Our instructors will lead them through the alteration and design process. Once their creation is complete, Students will have a photo shoot dressed as their character.

Kids/Teens Ages 7-15

Props to Master Builders


Master Builders are the Best of the Best, and this course will encourage our Students to explore, create, and discover the Master Builder within! Students will design and construct props and pieces from their favorite Movie, TV Show, or their own imaginations. This hands-on tinkering class will encourage Students to reuse and re-purpose everyday items around them to help bring the design concept to life.  When it is complete, each Student or Team will have their very own unique creation to take home and show off to Friends & Family.

Kids Ages 7-15

Acting & Improv


This 1 Week Intensive Camp focuses on the fundamentals of what we do as actors – play make-believe! Through exercises, improve, and scene/monologue work the student will learn to focus their imaginations to create a “second reality”. The emphasis will be on suspending the critical mind, paying attention in the moment and willingness to be authentically affected by others. Students will be able to perform a monologue or scene at the completion of the course.

Kids Ages 6-12

Music Makers


In this class Students explore multiple instruments and the basics of making music, including technique, song structure, artistic expression, and basic music theory. The class will explore & learn chords, strum & rhythm patterns, explore the difference between lead & rhythm, and learn to play along with others. Group Learning is fun for all ages, and Music makes us Happy! All Instruments & Materials are provided.

Kids Ages 8-13

Creative Writing


The Art of Story is for Students who wish to learn to write!!! Poems, Short Stories, Screenplays, Blogs.....if you can imagine it, we will help you hone your ability to put it in to words. Students will begin with a new writing assignment OR may bring a current work in progress. A combination of lecture, writing work, and workshop will be used in order to learn course Key Elements.

Kids Ages 8-12

Intro to Art and Design


Join this week long session and bring your favorite ideas to life. Young creatives will work alongside professional instructors to hone natural talents and explore principals in art and design using both traditional and advanced techniques from sketch to PC, participating in guided activities that include drawing, painting, and crafts.

Kids/Teens Ages 8-15

Comic Book & Card Game Creation


Join our talented team of Graphic Artists and Comic Book Gurus in this 1 Week Camp Series to create your very own Comic Book and Card Game Heroes of Legend! This class will explore the history and lore of traditional comic books and card games. The students will create and develop their own Hero and tell their unique story. Each student will learn how to draw and illustrate their comic or card game to share with the world.

Kids Ages 6-13

3D Printing / Game Board Design


This 1 Week Camp Series will combine Art, Games & Technology and our students LOVE IT! This class will challenge and inspire your child to see the world in different ways, primarily 3 dimensional! Throughout the week, Students work together to design a complete Board Game, complete with rules of engagement and 3D Printed playing pieces. Each student will take home a token from the final game package.

Kids/Teens Ages 8-15


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