"All projects are completed entirely by the students themselves. Instructors provide guided instruction, but we believe it is important for the students to do the actual project work, as this is truly how we learn and grow as Artists. We could not be more proud of the work they did, and can see some budding future film makers, storytellers, & creators of all kinds in our students. Applaud your Child! Celebrate their Creation! Encourage their continued Exploration!"

4REEL - Filmmaking Class

Summer Camp - Filmmaking Class (2016)

Our students worked hard this Summer and during a course of 2 weeks, they produced a short film. The following months, our Editing class students had the opportunity to put their hard work on the cutting room floor. The entire production was created by the students with guidance from our 4REELZ instructors.

The Treatment

Drinks On Me

4REELZ - Stop Motion Camp

Summer Camp - Stop Motion Classes (2016)

Our Summer 2016 Stop Motion Class.  (Weeks 1 - 11)

Summer Camp 2016

4REELZ - SFX, Make-Up, & Wardrobe

Summer Camp - SFX, Make-Up, Wardrobe (2015)

Here's a Gallery of some of our finest VFX Make-Up artists!

VFX 2016