Media Arts Enrichment



Class Begins September 1, 2015

Tuesday & Thursday 4pm – 5:30 pm

Ages: K-8th

SINGLE CLASS DROP-IN RATE: $40/per class – Must call ahead to confirm availability

* Schedule subject to change

* some projects may have additional “kit” fee

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This class is for anyone looking for a way to supplement and encourage a child’s Artistic growth. Our media arts enrichment program is an ongoing, year-long class that fosters inventive creation and teaches useful, practical skills. Each week the class will focus on a new topic and project. With a focus on Media Arts and Film, this class covers everything from Practical Science skills and Writing to Costume Design and Art.

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Media Art Enrichment Class Schedule
Fall ’15
1 Stop Motion: Clay 9 Costume Design: Halloween
2 Props: Minecraft Papercraft 10 Art: Storyboard Drawing
3 Movie Science: SFX w/ Science 11 Kids Photography: Mobile Device
4 Writing: Comic Book 12 Stop Motion: Lego
5 Art : Comic Book Creation 13 Kids Photography: Family Videographer
6 Set Design: Haunted Halloween Village 14 Art: Christmas Ornaments
7 Movie Science:  Creepy SFX 15 Set Design: Gingerbread Village
8 Makeup: Halloween
Spring ’16
1 Prop: Winter Papier Mache 12 Writing: Puppet Play
2 Set Design: Snow Globes 13 Movie Science: SFX w/ Science – Puppet Show
3 Acting: Kids Improv 14 Costume/Art: Puppet Creation
4 Kids Photography: Camera 15 Set Design/Props: Puppet Theater
5 Movie Science: SFX w/ Science 16 Acting: Puppet – Voice Acting
6 Writing: Poetry Fun 17 Camera: Filming Puppet Show
7 Art: Valentines 18 End Project: Puppet Show for Parents
8 Stop Motion: Paper 19 Set Design: Ocean Diorama
9 Writing: Spring Fairy Tale 20 Writing: Vacation Adventures
10 Art: Fairy Tale Illustration 21 Kids Photography: Summer Photographer
11 Prop: Easter Eggs

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Acquired Skills

  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Practical Science
  • Photography Skills
  • Camera Instruction
  • Illustration
  • Playwriting
  • Make-up and Costume Design
  • Intro to Acting Techniques
  • Poetry Writing
  • Writing – Stories
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Visual Storytelling


Ages: K-8th Grades

Tuesday & Thursday 4-5:30pm

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