What We Do

We offer students professional training with todays Working Industry Professionals who share the creative and technical skills that have allowed them to succeed in this Industry.

What We Want


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Who We Are

We are so much more than just an acting school, we are a Company made up of Industry Professionals who work in all aspects of the Industry (Production, Casting, Acting, Writing, Distribution) and we teach not only the craft, but also the business, and develop our students ability to evaluate various projects and secure future opportunities.

How We Do It

We combine our years of respective experiences, then we team with the best mentors in town and work with them in designing the most informative classes possible in each specific field. Hands-On, Project Based Learning allows Students to gain to deeper and more extensive knowledge. 

We have defined  4 fundamental keys to success and use them to tailor our curriculum, thus allowing our students to jump start their career with this knowledge already earned.

1.) Creative Talent
2.) Technical Skill
3.) Business Knowledge
4.) Network & Marketing

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Why We Do It

We know what it is like to start with a dream, and how much work goes into reaching any level of success in the Industry.
We have been there! We know how hard it can be! We know how rewarding it is! We love what we do, and we have worked hard and learned a lot in order to be able and do it.

We love to support up and coming filmmakers and artist of all kinds. And we truly want to help those who want to be in this business succeed by understanding the realities of the entertainment industry.

Our Classes

The classes listed below are Enrolling Now!. There are limited spaces and classes fill up quick, so don’t miss out. Follow us on Facebook or Sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed as New Classes and Summer Camps are added, as well as upcoming Professional Workshops and Audition Opportunities!

Our Founders



School Directors


Nicholle Walton-Durban

Mrs. Durban is a producer and development executive, performing artist, wife, mom, and business entrepreneur. She is CEO of Edgen Films, LLC and COO of Global 3 Media, LLC.

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Karen Hallford

Casting internationally, Karen Hallford of Casting Works LA has established a vast network of resources to find Actors, Extras, and Stand Ins. She has a keen eye for talent and uses her background in advertising to merge art and industry. Karen has recently embarked upon Producing and Executive Producing, adding production services and capabilities to Casting Works LA. Casting Works LA has cast hundreds of commercials and currently has feature films in various stages of Development, Pre-Production and in Post-Production

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Eduardo Antonio Tobias

Manager & Lead Instructor

Eduardo Antonio Tobias is a 25 Year old Chicano Filmmaker from San Antonio, Texas. He has worked on several feature films, commercials, and documentary series. In 2011 he received a Best Director award at the Dallas Horror Race for his short film El Güey, and adapted it into a feature film the following year. His experience in Documentaries started with a 2012 series "Its good to have friends" for Southwest Airlines traveling the country. The same year he Produced a Vimeo Staff Pick award winning short documentary about an Austin Junk King. His 2014 Austin Tinkering School PSA gained over 100,000 views and was licensed and sponsored by Dremel. In 2015, he earned his Bachelors of Science Degree  in Digital Film making and Video Production and now resides in Austin, Texas working in the industry. 



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